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Fotospeed are suppliers of top quality ink jet papers and inks, as well as a range of darkroom materials and equipment. Colin Westgate's association with this family run company goes back over 25 years. Fotospeed products are  available through Colin at significantly discounted prices – please enquire. Catalogues on request or visit the Fotospeed website for details of the full range of products.

London Salon of Photography

​​​​U.P.P. (United Photographic Postfolios)

U.P.P. is the camera club that comes to you! As a member, you will receive a package of images each month, either by post or on your computer. You will comment on the images entered by the rest of your group (or ‘Circle’ as it is known), and in turn, you will receive comments from all the other members on your own images. An ideal forum for expanding your knowledge of photography, and for ‘trying out’ images before entering them into your normal club competitions or exhibitions. Colin and Tom are both members!

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