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Colin Westgate

Colin is part of the Fotospeed Photographers lecture team and is available for talks at Camera Clubs and other organisations anywhere in the country. He is widely experienced  and has been a regular speaker for some 45 years. No fee is payable, just travel expenses at the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) mileage rate, currently 45p per mile, plus, where needed, the cost of overnight accommodation.

To book a talk, please contact Colin direct by email: questphoto1938@gmail.com or by phone: 01206 384315,  Mobile 07887 887101. To hear a talk, please either contact Colin or the relevant Camera Club direct (details and calendar below) - visitors are always welcome. There are currently four talks available, each lasting approx. 90 minutes, excluding refreshment breaks:

Images of Iceland

Iceland is, geologically, a very young island, formed less than 20 million years ago through volcanic action caused by the earth's tectonic plates moving apart. This still takes place today, and coupled with its location in the centre of the north Atlantic Ocean, has resulted in an amazing landscape full of spectacular features. These include lava fields, ice caps and glaciers, snow and ice, hot springs and geysers, waterfalls, black beaches, active volcanoes, the 'Northern Lights' and more. The talk visits many of these features, including the eruption of Elyjafjallajokull in 2010.


Wild Britain

We are very fortunate to live in the UK, as the landscapes in this country are extremely varied and include some of the finest in the world. Also, being a relatively small island, no great distances are involved to reach them. Colin has photographed in most parts of this island and his talk will cover landscapes from the south coast of England to the far north of Scotland including the islands of Skye and the Hebrides. He likes to photograph very early in the morning,  particularly in autumn and winter, when the light is often at its best and he is not put off by vagaries of the British weather - some of his best images have been taken in extreme conditions and he will often say "bad weather makes powerful pictures"!


My Special Places

Colin has been fortunate enough to have travelled widely and this talk will cover some of his favourite areas, including Albania, India, Iceland, Ireland, Vietnam/Cambodia and parts of the USA, such as Yellowstone, Yosemite and Death Valley. The talk is not confined to landscape and will show people from other cultures and how they live.


The Expressive Landscape

This talk is with prints, and a digital version is available on request. Colin asks "why are so many of our landscape pictures so disappointing and fail to stir the emotions?” Often it is because they lack atmosphere and light, plus the appropriate post-processing techniques needed to correct and enhance the original digital capture. The talk will include images from Colin's early days in the darkroom and the amazing journey from there to digital production, where the techniques available in software such as Photoshop make it possible to produce 'expressive' fine art images of the highest quality.

Scheduled Talks and Venues


The Expressive Landscape

9 September 2019   Chingford Photographic Society

2 October 2019       South Woodham Ferrers CC

22 March 2020        RPS, thames Valley D.I. Group, Wokingham. Email digthamesvalley@rps.org

Wild Britain

19 September 2019 Hailsham Photographic Society

4 October 2019       Witham CC

8 September 2020   Hadleigh CC

2 November 2020    Cambridge CC

Images of Iceland

2 March 2020           Rayleigh CC

1 April 2020             Chelmsford PS

My Special Places

6 March 2020           Brentwood & District PC

20 May 2020            Ware PS

8 June 2020             Chingford PS

10 November 2020  St Ives (Cambs) PS

Tom Peck

Tom gives regular lectures for clubs and societies, and is available for camera club bookings. Two of his most popular talks are:


The Photographic Sublime - how the traditions of the Sublime in art influence the photography of the past, the present and the future… Tom traces the roots of the English and German traditions of the Sublime: think awesome/fearful vs transcendent/mystical nature, and shows how these have influenced the early photographers of the landscape through to the modern day. With examples stretching from painters like Turner and Caspar David Friedrich and photos from a wide selection including Carleton E Watkins to M Kenna to S Salgado to A Adams to H Sugimoto, plus the author’s own pictures. The presentation is a fascinating insight into a cultural trend which is sure to provoke some debate, especially when we look into the future at how photography and the Sublime might continue to interact in the 21st century…

A presentation with a difference: Leica: Probably the most influential camera in the world, ever - Tom traces the history of Leica from 1900 to the present day to show how this brand revolutionised the way we take photographs. Even today, in the era of high megapixel digital photography, we all still use the basic camera body shapes and shoot the image  formats that have their roots in Leica’s ground breaking developments in the early 20th Century. This presentation is much more than a simple history lesson however. The talk is interspersed with a quiz on famous (Leica) photographs and their authors, and the presenter shares his own personal history with Leica via a series of portfolios taken with a combination of a modern day M9 Leica and a 1936 screw mount Leica II. The presenter brings along a selection of Leica memorabilia so the audience can get a chance to experience what a Leica feels like. A 90 minute fun, informative and personal run through of the most influential camera brand in the world.


Tom writes a regular article for onlandscape.co.uk.


Should you wish to hear one of Tom's talks, these are his current bookings. Please contact the relevant club direct if you would like to attend - you can be assured of a warm welcome!

The Photographic Sublime

14 November 2019         Northampton Camera Club

3 December 2019           Photofold CC

17 January 2020             Hertford CC

12 May 2020                  Hampstead PS

Leica: Probably the most influential camera in the world, ever


6 January 2020               Kettering & District PS

29 January 2020             Chelmsford CC

15 June 2020                 Chingford PS

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