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Improve your Photoshop Skills

Dates to be arranged with Tom

Mono image of elderly gentleman lit with Rembrant lighting
Sharp angular office block dramatically lit to emphasis the point of the building

PS can seem daunting at first. This short course is designed to help photographers master the tools so they can confidently produce images that 'pop'. It is aimed at beginners to intermediaries. Tuition is 1-to-1, via Zoom, and we take it at your pace. No prior knowledge of PS is required. We work on a combination of your images, and Tom's, so you can see how the techniques benefit your own images. The course covers the following areas:

Selecting an image: Inspiration, Pre-visualization (deciding what it should look like before you start), How to 'see' and select the 'right' image from your files

Raw file preparation: Why bother with Raw vs jpeg, Understanding the histogram, Key tools (exposure, white balance, contrast, clarity), How to deal with exposure 'problems' - shadow/highlight detail, controlling black/white points), Profile corrections and solving chromatic aberration

Initial post-processing: Cropping, Cleaning up the file (how & why to use the clone stamp vs spot healing vs patch tool), Why curves is better than levels to give impact, How to draw the eye through an image - localised post-processing

More advanced processing: Converting to B/W, Making & using selections (hard vs soft), Using colour to make selections, Neural filters, Sky replacement, High pass sharpening

Using Nik Filters: A deeper look at Silver Efex Pro2 for B/W conversion, Colour enhancement with Colour Efex and Viveza, Deal with grain & noise (Dfine2), Sharpening for screen vs Print (Sharpener Pro 3), Banish converging verticals for ever - the amazing Perspective Efex


Printing: Preparing an image for print (borders, resolution, calibration), Sizing images for print, Choosing the best media for your print, Matt vs Gloss inks 

Cost: The course is charged at £35 per hour. The whole course lasts 5-6 hours. If you wish to go through the whole course then the price is capped at £200. If you wish to select areas to focus on then the price will be adjusted according to how much time is taken. 

Please contact Tom Peck (07515 549485) or at 

San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, at night with gondolas moving from the waves
Orange and pink slot canyon near Page Arizona
Bridge detail in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Monochrome
Modern bridge from below with long exposure to flatten the water and smooth the sky. On Quest Photography trip
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