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One day phone photography workshop in London
with Tom Peck. 6th July

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How many times have you wanted to take a shot but not had your DSLR with you? Camera phones are now capable of taking amazing photographs, but many people don’t know how to get the best out of this handy, always present, camera in the pocket. This one day course will help you change all of that: learn how to focus your iPhone properly with differential focus, how to expose correctly, how to manipulate exposure, how to shoot long exposures, panoramas, HDR and many more techniques. We will also spend time learning how to process the images on your phone using Snapseed - as powerful as Photoshop and Lightroom, except that it sits on your phone as an app (FREE to download from the App store). We will learn how to process images so they pop, crop to different formats, remove unwanted elements from the image, convert to punchy monochrome and much more. Finally we will also look at how to best upload to FaceBook and Instagram

The workshop will take place on the South Bank in London, walking from Tower Bridge past City Hall and More London to the Millennium Bridge and then over the river to St Paul’s. This is a fantastic area for all sorts of photography, from architecture to city scapes and street photography. (We might even have a go at selfies!!!). A workshop to prep you with all the skills you need to take fantastic photos absolutely everywhere (and impress your kids/grandkids whilst you’re doing it)!

The best camera is the one that you've got with you! The pictures here were all taken & processed on the iPhone workshop in 2019. These techniques are not difficult!

Price: £85pp. Deposit £25. 6 places max. Bookings to Tom (07515 549485) please, 

*Can't make the date but want to learn the skills? Please contact Tom for 1-1 tuition on alternative days. 

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